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Welcome To Graham's Cyber Guitar School. The place where you can learn to play your Guitar in the comfort of your very own home, regardless of where you live!  



The Story of the Cyber Guitar School...


I spent the last 12 years in the U.K. as a full time guitar teacher running my own Guitar School and working in Colleges, teaching over 50 students a week; My experience has seen me teach so many different people from all styles and levels. However, after years of teaching, I decided it was time to make a new change for myself and my family and decided to move from England to beautiful British Columbia, Canada.





Although this was a positive step for my family, it was hard to say goodbye and leave behind all of my students that I had worked with for years, from the basics all the way up to playing in their own bands. Some were more than ready to go out on their own and play by themselves. But what about the others? Where would they find another Guitar Teacher who knew their styles, playing habits and personalities as much as I did? 


And so began Grahamís Cyber Guitar School



After making the decision to leave the UK, I heard some success stories of teaching different methods via Skype. Slightly sceptical of embracing this new technology for my teaching practice, I decided to buy a new web cam and ran a few trials. The results were great; I conducted several hour long lessons from Canada with my existing pupils in UK without any interruption. In fact the lessons were, if anything, more effective than being at my studio, as my students seemed to concentrate more and there were less distractions. 


So after much success teaching with this technology, I began Grahamís Cyber Guitar School; My pupils could still learn from me the same way as they had done in a face-to-face lesson and all in the comfort of their very own home!






With the geographical boundaries being limitless, I am now able to teach people all over the world!


 So if youíre looking for a new way to learn and to see immediate results with a fully qualified professional guitar teacher, why not try a lesson at Grahamís Cyber Guitar School? 






What styles do I teach?


Name it and I'll play it: Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Rockabilly, Funk, Folk and Fingerstyle at all levels and ages.

I teach both guitar and bass.


I have over 20 years Professional playing and teaching experience, as well as a University education in Jazz Theory and improvisation. 

I am also a long standing member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors where quality in teaching is paramount.


My teaching methods are customised to suit your needs regardless of your playing ability as everyone learns differently. I acknowledge each students strengths and weaknesses and get to work on what's required to make each person a better player in the first lesson. Perhaps you need more in-depth technical knowledge of how to master a particular style or just simply tell me your CD/ipod and learn your favourite song. We'll do it all at the Cyber  Guitar School right in your very own home!    



What you need in order to join Graham's Cyber Guitar School:



Step 1:


Have a relatively new computer (last 4 years)


Broadband Connection (the faster the better)


Install Skype software (absolutely free!)


Have a Head set (e.g. Logitech, Microsoft)

Have a Webcam (Any)



Step 2:


Book a (free) 20 min Trial session. This is to ensure your setup is correct and you are comfortable with everything. If so, proceed to step 3.



Step 3:


Letís start learning the Guitar!


Email me with your preferred time and once we find a slot that works for you, book your sessions via PayPal (See below). Only 24 hours notice is required for booking; payment is needed at time of booking in order to secure your slot. 



Step 4:




You are now part of the modern age in Guitar education; You can start learning at Grahamís Cyber School and become the amazing guitar player that youíve always wanted to be!

How Much does it cost? £25 pounds per Hour

£13 for the Half Hour


Here's what some of Graham's students have said about his tuition methods:


"I've been struggling along without lessons, on and off since I was fourteen years old. Picking up and putting down the instrument over the years, and learning bad habits from muddling my own way through has not had a happy outcome and does not make for progress. I have been taking lessons from Graham for the last six months and I have learned more in that time, and made more progress, and gained more enjoyment from my playing, than through the other frustrating sixteen years combined."

P. Priestley, Newmarket, England


"Graham's lessons have been fun, informative and have always taken me where I want to go in relation to the music and styles I like and want to learn. My bass playing has improved loads, particularly from Graham's versatility as a teacher, being able to help me with all aspects of my playing, across any genre." R. Adams, Cambridge, England




Have a look at a lesson with Graham:



 "I began playing guitar around 4 years ago. Due to Graham's tuition methods I have been able to progress my playing to a level where I am now on the edge of starting a band! The guitar workshop sessions or 'rock school' as we like to call them are especially enjoyable. Keep rocking...."

 M. Berry, Cambridge, England




  Benefits of learning at The Cyber School via


Study from home and receive the same   expert tuition as you would in a studio.


Save time on traveling to the lessons.


Record the lessons for your own personal study; I will send your lesson notes /tabs through during your lesson


You can then view these notes on your monitor whilst still viewing yourself and myself





Have a look at a Skype Lesson demo with one of my students in U.K:


Learn at a time that suits you in your own home. Select the lesson plan that suits best in the drop down menu and book your Skype session today!

Skype sessions are proving to be very popular, so book in advance to avoid disappointment.


Book and pay for your session securely via Paypal here:



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This months song: Sunshine of Your Love Deadline: September 30th Winner posted on the YouTube Page October,1st !

About Graham Fraser:

Graham was born in Victoria and raised in Vancouver B.C. Canada. Graham picked up the Guitar for the first time on his 15th birthday after hearing Jimi Hendrix's version of ĎAll Along the Watchtowerí on the radio. Possessing a naturally quick musical ear, Graham taught himself to play by wearing out the needle on his record player and by learning note for note Hendrix, SRV and Clapton solos; straight off of the Record or cassette (which was the standard in those days). Then within one year after picking up the guitar, Graham was already playing lead guitar in bands around town. Just a few years later, he then went on to pursue a formal musical education and studied Jazz Theory and Improvisation at the renowned Malaspina University College on Vancouver Island between 92' and 95í.After completing his studies and gaining more experience in back in Vancouver, he packed up and moved to the the UK performing professionally in numerous original and cover bands playing everything from Rockabilly, Blues, Rock, Punk, Country, Funk, Jazz and Avant Guard. Throughout the UK and over Europe, he's clocked hundreds of gigs playing at legendary London Venues such as 12 Bar Club to Dingwall's to Summer Festival stages. He's shared the stages and opened for such acts as Bluegrass ledgends Hayseed Dixie, Madness, Bad Manners, James Taylor Quartet, Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols, Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones) Old School Punk legends UK Subs ect..

Along with performing and recording in all kinds of combinations on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Graham has also taught thousands of students from all ages and walks of life since he began playing. Graham, a professional Guitar Player and Multi-instrumentalist, currently resides in the UK with his wife and Daughter and teaches over 50 students each week privately and at a local College. He also runs his own popular Web School which teaches Rockabilly Guitar to thousands of people around the world. Graham is also in the process of writing his first 'solo' record which will be completed soon. With such a diverse musical background, this will be one not to miss. Be sure to check it out.


GRAHAM FRASER in the June 06' edtion of Guitar Techniques Magazine 'Hot for Teacher' column:     






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Welcome to Graham's Cyber Guitar School!

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