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Are online video and DVD Rockabilly Guitar lessons not enough?

Can't find a local teacher to show you how to play the true Rockabilly Style?


 Want to learn Rockabilly Guitar Playing One on One with a teacher?

You’ve come to the right place.




Rockabilly Guitar School Skype Lessons!


How Much does it cost?


Book a 15min free trial lesson

  And decide!


$45 USD  Per Hour

$25 USD Per Half Hour.



Guitar School


What you need in order to join Rockabilly Guitar School Skype Lessons:


Step 1:


Have a relatively new computer (last 4 years)



Broadband Connection


Install Skype Software (Free)


Have a Head set (e.g. Logitech, Microsoft)

Have a Webcam (Any)




Guitar School


Step 2:

Book a (free) 15 min Trial session. This is to ensure your setup is correct and you are comfortable with everything. If so, proceed to step 3.


Guitar School



Step 3:

Let’s start learning the Guitar!

Email me with your preferred time and once we find a slot that works for you, book your sessions via PayPal (See below). Only 24 hours notice is required for booking; payment is needed at time of booking in order to secure your slot.

Guitar School


Step 4:


You are now part of the modern age in Guitar education; You can start learning at The Rockabilly Guitar School Skype Lessons and become the amazing guitar player that you’ve always wanted to be!

Guitar School 



Here’s what a few students said about taking one on one lessons at the Rockabilly Guitar School Via skype.


…I was a member of the online Rockabilly Guitar School and was learning various things from the DVD’s and the internet. I wasn’t until I decided to invest in some supplementary lessons at the Rockabilly Skype lessons that my playing sky rocketed. Graham is an awesome teacher and player too! After one lesson he managed to breakdown all aspects of my technique (that needed much work) and had me playing useful exercises to get me out of the rut I was in. We stared with some basic Scotty Moore and Grady Martin things and I have now worked my way up to playing things like Chet Atkins Mr. Sandman and Brian Setzer pieces like ‘Rat Pack Boogie’ note for note! Next song we’re doing is Jerry’s Breakdown. I really never ever thought I would be able to play those kinds of things! Joining The Rockabilly Guitar School Skype Lessons is the best investment I’ve ever made for Guitar Lessons! Thanks again Graham!


B.Walker, Dallas T.X.



‘Your explanation of CAGED was probably the most important thing I’ve ever learnt on the guitar’


J. Schmidt, Columbus, Ohio



Really enjoying the lessons Graham! Skype works amazingly well and the guys (in the band) are really pleased with the solos I’m coming up with now! Those diminished licks you taught me have really opened up a whole new world in my playing! 


Tom, Southend Essex, U.K.






So what are you waiting for?

Get better now! Sign up for Rockabilly Guitar School Skype lessons!


Contact to get started!



Learn at a time that suits you in your own home. Select the lesson plan that suits best in the drop down menu and book your Skype session today!

Skype sessions are proving to be very popular, so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Book and pay for your session securely via Paypal at the top of this page


Last Updated: 04 October 2019

Graham Fraser

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