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Here's a reminder of some of the topics that are featured:


Rockabilly Flatpicking

Learn the most fundamenal licks in the Rockabilly/Swing style. Here we cover the vital topics on how to take the lead as a guitar player by covering all of the techniques in contemporary Rockabilly guitar.

This includes: Travis Picking, Rock and Roll Licks, Blues LicksSingle Line Flat Picking, Swing Solos, Double Stops and Riffs in the styles of:                          

* Scotty Moore 

* Chuck Berry  

* Brian Setzer

* Danny Gatton

* Gene Vincent

* Cliff Gallup

* Wanda Jackson 

*Joe Maphis

* Eddie Cochran

*Carl Perkins

*Johnny Cash

and many more...



We've got the licks and solos for you to learn. Here are just a few of the rockabilly classics that are featured:

* Stray Cat Strut

* Hot Rod Girl

* That's All Right

* Johnny B Goode

* Too Hip Gotta Go

* Blue Suede Shoes

*Double Talking Baby (includes Bass and Drums backing track)

* PLUS: licks and riffs in the style of Folsom Prison Blues and Get Rhythm


*The Guitars of Wanda Jackson including the songs: Baby Loves Him I Gotta Know


Travis Picking

Learn the essential Travis Picking patterns to get you started playing Rockabilly Travis picking on any chord anywhere on the guitar. This is an ideal lesson for those new to the style and for those who wish to refine their Travis Picking technique!


Rockabilly Rhythm Guitar

Learn the fundamental chords and lines used to back your favorite Rockabilly singers. There's Lots of Travis Picking workouts here!                                         



 Learn the fundamental Chord shapes and rhythms covering basic triads to 13ths and everything in between. Learn how to apply these chords in practical rockabilly playing situations.


                               CHORD SUBSTITUTION

 Discover the brave new world of chord substitution by taking the standard three chord 12 bar blues progression and colouring it up with substitute chords. This is serious ear candy and inspiration for those who are looking for new and fresh ways to play blues changes.



Improve your improvisational chops and gain instant access to chords and arpeggios anywhere on the fretboard by using the simple, but very effective, CAGED system.



 The Rockabilly Guitar School also Includes:  



Have any questions? Stuck on a particular solo or lick? Don't panic! There'll be 24/7 email support included within your subscription



Now Being Added: 

Rockabilly Backing Tracks!

- Full band tracks to play along to within a variety of Rockabilly styles.




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